Podcast and videos

The ethics of AI – diving into THE question of the moment

What do AI tools have to do with justice, democracy and The Matrix? Becoming an engineer today means confronting questions about the ethics of AI, the quality of tools, their impact on the world and the great science-fiction stories. Through 4 introductory videos, Dr Johan Rochel (College of Humanities, EPFL) presents the main themes of AI ethics. Ideal for quickly gaining an idea of the challenges involved and putting some order into this topical subject.

Intimate interviews with scientists

Journalist Anne Laure Gannac talks to researchers from EPFL and elsewhere about uncertainty (THEMA 2021), traces (THEMA 2022) and energy (THEMA 2023). These face-to-face exchanges offer a delightful series of portraits and intimate investigations between a journalist and renowned scientists. It’s a great way of approaching a notion through different disciplines and from a wide variety of angles.