DH Committees

DH Advisory Board

At EPFL each section has an advisory board comprised of experts representing fields where its graduates are likely to work, whether in industry, academia or the public sector. The boards provide recommendations on the design and improvement of degree programs.

DH Advisory Board Members (2023/2024)

Leonard Bouchet – Head of Data and Archives – RTS
Déborah Papiernik – Senior Vice President New Business & Strategic Alliances – Ubisoft

Cultural Institutions
Delphine Friedman – Directrice – Archives Cantonales Vaudoises
Néguine Mathieux – Directrice de la recherche et des collections – Le Louvre

Humanitarian Sector
Fiona Terry – Head, Centre for Operational Research and Experience at ICRC – ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies)

Prof. Jeffrey Schnapp – Harvard University

DH Teaching Committee

Teaching Committees propose, in accordance with the Directive on School councils and the directives of the Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs, the study plans and implementing regulations for study evaluation for their respective Section. They assess the implementation of study plans and study evaluation and propose improvements or adjustments. They deal with routine matters relating to studies.They give their opinion to the School direction on all teaching matters. They advise the Section Directors.

They meet at least once every semester, as convened by their chairperson or at the request of three of their members.

All details in LEX 1.2.9 Rules and Regulations Concerning the Organisation of EPFL Schools, article 19 (PDF)

DH Teaching Committee Members 2023/2024

Daniel Gatica-Perez – DH Section Director
Section Deputy
Kathleen Collins
Jérôme Baudry
Mathieu Salzmann
PhD Student
Paul Guhennec
DH Students
Mariella Daghfal
Ben Kriesel
Romane Clerc
Daniele Belfiore