CDH Visiting Professor Program

Through the CDH Visiting Professor Program (VPP), the CDH promotes scientific relations with international scholars working in digital humanities research and education and other interdisciplinary domains linking engineering and social sciences, by enabling temporary stays of visiting professors and academic guests at CDH labs or institutes.

The VPP contributes to the expansion and reinforcement of the undertakings of the CDH, and facilitates new partnerships. The program complements other hosting possibilities used by CDH faculty.

More information: Dr. Gabriela Tejada

Jeffrey Shaw, an artist specialized in new media

Jeffrey Shaw is the first visiting professor to come to CDH as part of our new program. He is working at the Laboratory for Experimental Museology (eM+), headed by Sarah Kenderdine, until September 2020 (his stay is extended until 2021).

Peter Larsen

Peter Larsen, anthropologist

Dr. Peter Larsen is the 2021 Academic Guest. He will work on the project “Heritage, creativity and innovation” in collaboration with MER Florence Graezer Bideau and other faculty members of CDH and EPFL.

Pierre Mounier, research engineer

Pierre Mounier is the 2021-2022 Academic Guest. He will be hosted by the Laboratory for the History of Science and Technology (LHST), led by Jérôme Baudry and will focus on the use of digital infrastructures especially in the social sciences and humanities.