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The EPFL campus produces about 3% of its own energy, via its solar park. © Alain Herzog

EPFL students envision a more energy-efficient campus

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For their semester project, five students in the energy track of this year’s edition of the College of Humanities (CDH) Global Issues course studied the feasibility of implementing three unconventional energy alternatives on EPFL’s campus.

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The CDH coordinates the Social and Human Sciences (SHS) program, that concerns every EPFL students. The Digital Humanities Institute offers a Master in Digital Humanities, and is linked to the Digital Humanities Doctoral Program. The Institute for Area and Global Studies offers a Minor in Science, Technology and Area Studies, as well as semester projects abroad.

Students in front of the Rolex Learning Centre at EPFL

Social and Human Sciences (SHS)

More than 150 courses offered to all EPFL students

Two students looking at images from the past and the present

Master in Digital Humanities

A wide range of specialized fields to do projects in: musicology, social media, litterature, arts, user experience, history, and more..!

Minor in Sciences, Technologies and Area Studies (STAS)

Project-based learning with fieldwork abroad

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Digital Humanities Doctoral Programme

For students undertaking research in one of the many fields of Digital Humanities.

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Semester projects

Project-based learning with fieldwork abroad