We look forward to seeing you in early September.
Among what’s planned are photos, robotics and artificial intelligence.

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Attached to the EPFL College of Humanities (CdH), Artlab presents temporary and long-term exhibitions that bring the world of science and the Humanities closer together. It also houses a Montreux Jazz Café in which it is possible to consult the festival’s audio-visual archives.

Catherine Leutenegger, Infinity Room I, © Leutenegger Photography, Installation view

The 3 pavilions of the building

Located in the northern part of the ArtLab building, open to the Esplanade, the Datasquare presents a long-term exhibition on the theme of big data.

This space, the most spacious in the building, hosts temporary exhibitions that showcase, through technology, a scientific, artistic, historical and cultural heritage.

Located in the southern part of the building, on the lake side, this space is dedicated to the enhancement of the Montreux Jazz Festival archives, which are registered in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register.


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