Swiss Chemical Collection

The Swiss Chemical Collection (SCC) represents a collection of unique chemical diversity obtained from various Swiss chemistry laboratories, giving the academic community access to compounds that cannot be found elsewhere. This collection was developed within the ACCESS platform to complement to the highly diverse chemical library available comprising approximately 100’000 compounds from various commercial sources.

Currently, over 600 compounds have been deposited, donated by EPFL and UNIGE chemistry groups. The compounds were verified and incorporated as a unique subset into the BSF-ACCESS collections. The rationale behind this collection is that chemists in Switzerland produce a plethora of molecules of very diverse and novel structures. By adding these compounds to the Swiss Chemical Collection, these molecules are preserved and made available to the Swiss community for their bioactivity testing in a large number and variety of assays. The Swiss Chemical Collection represents a perfect example of a win-win situation: the chemist valorises his compounds and the screener might find a perfect hit.

All Swiss-based chemistry labs are invited to contribute to the collection: by doing so, they contribute to a valuable Swiss academic chemical library, preserve and add value to new chemical entities from academia and enhance interdisciplinary synergies.


Interested in contributing ? Please contact Dr. Gerardo Turcatti, BSF-ACCESS Director.