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Past Master Projects

Since 2010, fifteen final master thesis projects were performed at the Biomolecular Screening Facility under the direction of Gerardo Turcatti, co-supervised by different members of the platform.


Pauline RUCH (EPFL)

High throughput generation of fluorescent bioactive compounds for the discovery of new specific cellular probes (supervised by Manon Bardyn & Fabien Kuttler)


Kehna KHADDAR RACHDI (Pharmacy School, EPGL)

Développement d’un test fluorimétrique de criblage à haut débit de l’inhibition de l’activité des cytochromes P450 1A2 et 2D6 (supervised by Marc Chambon)


Maryam SOLOMON (Pharmacy School, EPGL)

Développement d’un test fluorimétrique de criblage de l’inhibition de l’activité des cytochromes P450 3A4 et 2C9 (supervised by Marc Chambon)


Bo Kyoung KIM (University of Geneva / EPFL, Chemical Biology)

lmage-based quantification of cardiomyocytes beating dynamics by Digital Holographic Microscopy (supervised by Benjamin Rappaz & Fabien Kuttler)


Céline DIND (Pharmacy School, EPGL)

Caractérisation biologique et physico-chimique de hits actifs sur les cyclooxygénases (supervised by Marc Chambon)


Sabrina AYOUB (Pharmacy School, EPGL)

Studying CFTR receptor activity by digital holographic microscopy (supervised by Benjamin Rappaz)

Oumaima LAHOUEGUE (Pharmacy School, EPGL)

Identification of selective inhibitors of COX-1 using enzymatic and cellular screening approaches (supervised by Marc Chambon)


Compounds toxicity screening by High Content Analysis using automated fluorescence microscopy and digital holographic imaging (supervised by Fabien Kuttler)


Camille DAYER (IRR – Institut de recherche en réadaptation-réinsertion, Sion)

miRNAs as biomarkers for chronic pain in humans.

Ana DJORDJEVIC (Pharmacy School, EPGL)

Profiling chemical collections: Determining the quality, spectral and toxic properties of compounds

Marko MATOS (Pharmacy School, EPGL)

Developing a screening assay for the discovery of Acid Sensing Ion Channels (ASICs) inhibitors



Development of amplification strategies to improve sensitivity of nucleic acid detection assays on the multiplex detection platform of Biocartis


Jérémie EMERY (EPFL)

Multiplexed detection of nucleic acids – testing and benchmarking a novel platform developed by Biocartis


Guillaume JACOT (EPFL)

Cellular transfection of small interfering RNA’s (siRNAs). Electroporation as an alternative to liposome-based delivery transfection methods.

Julien MENA (EPFL)

Development of high content image-based cell viability assays

Julien Mena has been awarded with the price 2010 for the best Master thesis in Biotechnology and Bioengineering