We perform chemical screens in 384 and 96 well-plates formats for a variety of biochemical target-based end-point assays and phenotypic cellular assays by imaging using large chemically diverse collections of small molecules and naturals products.
Tasks and services of the BSF previous to and during screening campaigns include consulting, projects advising, guiding and support:

Assay development, assay design compatible and amenable to HTS, protocols and SOPs transfer, optimization of experimental conditions.

Assay automation, development and validation of automation assays, pilot screens with a limited number of compounds, screening scale up.

Compounds management storage, reformatting, aliquoting, cherry picking and plating of compounds collections.

Data management using in house developed Laboratory Implementation Management System (LIMS).

Delivering Compounds. After approval of submitted requests, the BSF is able to deliver selected cherry picked compounds or subcollections in assay plates ready to be screened. We can prepare plates compatible with your assay format.

Screening Workflow