Open Access


The below listed instruments are available to validated users after appropriate training given by BSF staff members. If you would like to do a training on one of the available instruments, please contact the following BSF member:

Cell Culture: Nathalie Ballanfat

Multimode readers & fluidic dispensers: Jonathan Vesin

Automated Microscopes & Digital Holographic Microscopy: Fabien Kuttler

The “open access” cell culture lab is located in AI0118.

Laminar flow equipped with a Thermo Scientific Mutidrop Combi dispenser dedicated for plating cells.

Our multimode microplate readers are located in AI0227.

Tecan Infinite F500

There is one Tecan Infinite F500 reader. This is a filter-based multimode microplate reader, which allows you to do absorbance, luminescence, fluorescence (top and bottom) and HTRF measurements. You can download the list of the available filters here.

BioTek Synergy H1

There is a BioTek Synergy H1 multimode microplate reader. This is a monochromator-based multimode microplate reader, which allows you to do UV-visible absorbance, luminescence and fluorescence (top and bottom) measurements.

BioTek Synergy NEO HTS

There is also a BioTek Synergy NEO HTS multimode microplate reader. This reader combines filter-based optical systems with quadruple monochromator optics. The BioTek Synergy NEO HTS reader is reserved for screening campaigns but can be used in open access for specific applications like fluorescence polarization (fluorescein and rhodamine), BRET2 & NanoBRET™.

Our automated microscopes are located in AI0227.

There are two GE Healthcare IN Cell Analyzer 2200 automated microscopes with integrated robotic station.

Our DHM is located in AI0227.

Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM) is an image-based label-free interferometric technique which generates quantitative phase images, related to both the intracellular refractive index (providing information about the cell content) and the cell thickness (providing information about the cell morphology), allowing to visualize transparent cells without the need of labeling or specialized multi-well plates.