Short Circuit of a Large Power Plant


This example shows the possibilities of SIMSEN to simulate multi-machines applications in power systems.

Therefore, the user can build the mechanical shaft including an unlimited number of masses.

These masses are connected together with springs and damping elements. A mechanical shaft can even contain several machines.

The saturation effect of the main magnetic circuits of the machines are also modeled. The transformer models are able to take into account the phase shifting between the primary and the secondary sides.

The regulation part consists of four voltage regulators acting on each synchronous generator. The fault is generated by using a circuit-breaker.

The ON/OFF orders can be easily defined by the user, by defining several disturbances.


All the initial conditions are automatically calculated using the additional Load-

Flow program (rotor angle positions, mechanical angles and field currents).

Single-phase faults can also be simulated by defining ground connections.


As the synchronous machine model is taking into account the sub-subtransient reactance, it is possible to respect the real transient behavior of a large generator having solid iron rotor, especially in network faults analysis.


The simulation results can be used for a torsion analysis in which the mechanical stresses are investigated.

All the electrical and mechanical computed values are available without any special scope definition.

As the synchronous machine model is taking the sub-subtransient reactance into account, it is possible to respect the real transient behavior of large generators, even in network faults analysis.