Lab testing and consulting services


…is the leading independent laboratory for experimental validations of reduced scale models for new hydropower projects or turbine refurbishments in accordance with the IEC60193 standard.


Three Test Rigs for research and development of Hydraulic Turbines, Storage Pumps and Pump-Turbines.

  • State of the art research facility, utilizing the latest measuring instruments and technical advancements to produce data that easily and consistently complies with all IEC 60193 standards
  • 3 fully modular test rigs can be adjusted to fit just about every type of hydraulic turbine, storage pump and pump-turbine
  • Automated test rig processes and years of testing experience allow for quick performance assessment, potentially shortening development times without diminishing quality
  • Each test rig is fully independent from the other, allowing for uninterrupted parallel testing.

The cavitation tunnel installed at the Laboratory for Hydraulic Machines provides high speed visualization of various types of cavitation phenomena, including leading edge cavitation, wake cavitation, and tip vortex :

  • Cavitation nuclei control
  • 5 components load cell
  • Optical instrumentation: particle image velocimetry, Laser Doppler velocimetry
  • High speed visualization
  • Pressure transducers

Scientific and Consulting Services

Additional Hydrodynamics Testing
  • FLINDT EUREKA N° 1625, Flow Investigations in an Elbow Draft Tube
  • HYDRODYNA EUREKA N° 3246, Harnessing the Dynamic Behavior of Pump-Turbines
Model Testing of Hydraulic Machines
  • Experimental Platform Configurations
  • Measurement Tools and Accuracy
  • Experimental Analysis
    • Pressure Fluctuation Measurements
    • Cavitation Observations and Analysis
  • Onboard Instrumentation
Independent Expertise in International Hydropower Projects
  • Efficiency tests by thermodynamic and current meters method
  • On-site Measurement of Prototype Hydraulic Machines
  • Geometric Controls and Reconstruction to Model
  • Model runner design, construction and assembly