List of EPFL Teaching Courses

Dr. Elena Vagnoni

Master lecture on Hydraulic Turbomachines: impulse and reaction turbines,pumps and pump-turbines
Master Lecture on the general layout of a hydropower plant. Detailing the specification of Pelton, Francis, Kaplan and Bulb turbines, Storage pumps and Reversible pump-turbines

Dr. Mohamed Farhat


Static and dynamic response of coupled fluid-structure systems as a result of extraneously-induced excitation, motion-induced excitation, and fluid-instability-induced excitation

Introduction, basic concepts; cavitation bubble collapse; dynamique des cavits; cavitation in vorticalstructures; industrial applications

Dr.  Christophe Nicolet


Acoustic Hydrodynamic

Introduction to propagation phenomena in hydraulic systems, water hammer calculation, transient behavior of hydroelectric power plants, numerical simulations of the dynamic behavior of Francis, Pelton and Kaplan turbines, stability study of hydraulic systems