Synchronous Motor Fed by a 12-pulse Cyclo-Converter


This example presents a synchronous motor fed by a 12-pulse cyclo-converter. The circuit includes a long transmission line as well as the harmonics filters bank. It is possible to analyze the line-filter interaction. The 12-pulse cyclo-converter is commutated by the AC network. Each DC-link supplies a phase of the synchronous motor. the field current rectifier is also taken into account. The control scheme is based on a dynamic flux model of the synchronous machine. It allows a very high dynamic, even if that kind of drive has a very low supply frequency.


 The simulation results present the behavior of the system in steady-state at rated operating point as well as a load change from 50% to 100% at rated speed.
is able to simulate such a complex topology, including more than 210 differential equations. Values related to each semiconductor can be displayed.


 Network quantities are also available (active and reactive power, current harmonics, aso…).
The great advantage of SIMSEN in that kind of example is the possibility to analyze a large power system taking into account all the semiconductors.
The influence of each power electronics element can be estimated.
This feature is a powerful advantage when analyzing the power systems of the future, including more and more power electronics.