Spatial Transcriptomics

We offer a 10X Genomics Visium Spatial Transcriptomics service with the Histology Core Facility. This allows for transcriptome-wide mapping of genes expression onto tissue sections, with concomitant H&E or IF staining.

The CytAssist instrument now allows us to process fresh frozen or FFPE slides for human and mouse tissues with improved sensitivity and robustness. Other advantages include an option for bigger tissues section (11mm x 11mm), the ability to select an area of interest within a larger tissue section, and the ability to process tissues microarrays. 

Visium HD is now available, bringing resolution down to single cell level.

You can find our main guidelines here, and a submission form here. In the (not recommended) case where you would not go through Histology Core for slides preparation, we have additional histo guidelines for Cytassist here, and for the non-Cytassist workflow here. Please contact us for more details.

Recently released (June 2023) is the option to localize a pre-designed panel of proteins in parallel, owing to oligo-tagged antibodies (for now only available for a human immune markers panel). More info here.

In case this tool is not suited for your needs, we also offer a Curio slide-seq service, and the Histology Core Facility offers other Spatial Transcriptomics options.