Fragment Analyzer

The Fragment analyzer automated capillary electrophoresis from Advanced Analytical is a fluorescence-based capillary electrophoresis instrument for sizing, quantification and quality control of nucleic acids. Our instrument is typically used for controlling different types of DNA (genomic DNA, NGS libraries…) or for specific RNA applications (small RNAs). For usual RNA QC, please rather refer to our TapeStation page.

In order to use the Fragment Analyzer, you need to be trained. Please contact us for more details.


Booking the machines can be done under

You will get the access once you are confirmed for the training session.


You will find the protocols here:

DNA high sensitivity protocol

Large Fragment high sensitivity 50Kb protocol

Small RNA protocol

… and short versions of these, written by the GECF team:

DNA high sensitivity protocol v 2.15

Large Fragment high sensitivity 50Kb protocol v 2.14

Small RNA protocol v1.03

In addition, you’ll find here a list of other methods available on the Fragment Analyzer, in particular for analyzing genomic DNA (the kits are ordered by the platform in function of users need).


The cost for the Fragment analyzer is 41 CHF/lane when user-operated, and 76 CHF/lane when operated by the GECF team.

All the reagents are provided by the GECF and are included in this price.