Mouse ORFs assorted in a collection (MOUSAIC)

– Our database is accessible HERE.


– We are currently collecting ORFs from different sources in order to assemble a collection of murine ORFs. As much as possible, we try to obtain ORFs designed similarly as the ones from our human collections (no native UTRs, Gateway-compatible, without STOP), but often this is not possible and this collection therefore also contains cDNAs (ORFs with UTRs), ORFs in non-Gateway vectors, ORFs with STOP and a mix thereof.

– Importantly, an ORF with native UTRs and flanked by Gateway sites will statistically only be in frame in 1/3rd of the cases when shuttled by Gateway techniques in a destination vector supplying a N-ter fusion/tag.

– This collection is in constant progress and editing. For instance, newly acquired ORFs are added immediately in order to be viewable by users, but a detailed description may be available only a few days later.