April 2024

  • Visium HD is here! Spatial transcriptomics resolution is now down to single cell scale. More info here!

March 2024

  • Our new Aviti sequencer is operational. Please inquire. More news soon anyway.

January 2024

November 2023

  • New price list available here, with decrease of fixed RNA 10XG (FLEX) prices

October 2023

July 2023

  • New price list available here! Many new services included. Prices decrease of NovaSeq runs.

June 2023

  • We have launched the 10X Genomics FLEX (fixed RNA profiling) service, based on fixed cells. Ideal for evening or weekend processing of samples since fixed cells can be stored.

April 2023

  • We have just launched a HiC libraries prep service, based on Arima workflow. Inquire for pricing and details.
  • A new libraries submission form is available here (together with updated guidelines).

February 2023


  • From now on please use our team email address [email protected] for projects submissions and other demands.
  • New versions of our libraries submission form/guidelines are available here.
  • We have launched our NovaSeq 6000 service! Please inquire.


  • We have launched a Visium FFPE spatial transcriptomics service, in collaboration with HCF.
  • A NovaSeq 6000 will soon replace our HiSeq 4000! More news in December.
  • A warm welcome to our new collaborator Chiara Sartori.
  • The replacement process for our HiSeq 4000 sequencer has begun, more news in 2 months.
  • Our new 10X Genomics single cell multiome (scATAC-seq+scRNA-seq) and CellPlex services are operational.
  • Our new QuantStudio 6 instrument is now operational.
  • Our new web tool CloneMap for ORFs browsing and QC is operational (thanks Fabrice David).
  • A warm welcome to our new collaborator Patricia Hornitschek.