10x Genomics Chromium Single Cell Controller

CAUTION: At least 3 weeks prior notice is needed for a regular scRNA-seq experiment, but more is needed for more complex experiments (multiome, multiplexing, custom protocols…). In addition, if you perform a 10XG experiment for the first time, count at the very least 4 weeks to allow for discussions regarding experimental design. In any case, do not launch an experiment that requires samples collection on a specific date/week before having checked/scheduled it with us, as sometimes longer delays are necessary.

Our 10X Genomics Chromium and Chromium X instruments allow to address diverse biological questions by generating transcriptomics and/or chromatin accessibility data for thousands of single cells, in up to 8 samples in parallel. You can either bring us cells and we’ll perform the experiment for you, or you can rent the instrument and perform everything on your side (with your reagents). Our price list is available here.

A submission form for 10X Genomics experiments is available here. Fill it as well as possible and send it to us before the experiment.

Samples submission guidelines for scRNA-seq are available here, with details regarding the multiplexing solution CellPlex available here.

Samples submission guidelines for multiome (scATAC+scRNA-seq) are available here. An introduction is available here.

Please contact us for more details regarding these guidelines, or for more information regarding scATAC-seqscRNA-seq+VDJ immune profiling, panels for targeted scRNA-seq, or co-quantification of cell surface proteins.

For Spatial Transcriptomics, please refer to our dedicated page.