Collection of assorted human ORFs (CAHOS)

– Our database is accessible HERE.


– In order to fill in the gaps of our current human collections, we are obtaining missing ORFs from different source. As much as possible, we try to obtain ORFs similarly designed as the ones we currently possess (no native UTRs, Gateway-compatible, without STOP), but often this is not possible and this collection therefore also contains cDNAs (ORFs with UTRs), ORFs in non-Gateway vectors, ORFs with STOP and a mix thereof.

– Importantly, an ORF with native UTRs and flanked by Gateway sites will statistically only be in frame in 1/3rd of the cases when shuttled by Gateway techniques in a destination vector supplying a N-ter fusion/tag.

– This collection is in constant progress and editing. For instance, newly acquired ORFs are added immediately in order to be viewable by users, but a detailed description may be available only a few days later.