Orders and billing

Ordering clones

– After having chosen clones that suit your needs, simply copy-paste the relevant rows in a new Excel sheet and send it to us ([email protected]). We aim at reviewing and answering your order quickly.

– If you are unsure about the availability of a suitable clone for your ORF of interest in our collections, please simply send us a short e-mail with list of genes/ORFs you are interested in, as well as your preferred collection. We will then help you picking up the clones that best suit your needs. We will also review the quality of the available ORFs when this has not been done yet, as described here.

– The collections are stored as bacterial glycerol stocks and at the present time are distributed as bacterial minicultures or as bacterial streaks on agar plates. In the near future we will offer to perform downstream robotized minipreps as a service (notably for large scale projects). For now, users should provide miniculture vials or agar plates containing the appropriate antibiotics, which we will inoculate with the clones. Please see here for more details about antibiotics and growing the clones, and contact us if you lack the appropriate antibiotics.


– The price list is available HERE.