Biomark HD (high-throughput qPCR)

The Biomark HD system is a high-throughput real-time PCR system developed by Fluidigm. This instrument is based on microfluidic valve technology for liquid handling. The key aspects of the system are:

  • high-throughput qPCR (thousands of PCR reactions per day)
  • low reagent consumption (nanoliter chambers)
  • single cell analysis

The system consists of a real-time PCR instrument (the Biomark HD Reader), and IFC controllers (see below). 3 plates formats are available:

  • the 48.48 plate (48 DNA samples X 48 genes = 2304 reactions)
  • the 96.96 plate (96 DNA samples X 96 genes = 9216 reactions)
  • the FlexSix chip, which combines in a flexible manner up to 6 partitions of 12 DNA samples X 12 genes, for a total of 864 reactions. Available combinations include 72 DNA samples X 12 genes, or 12 DNA samples X 72 genes, with many intermediate combinations possible.

Of note, in most cases a preamplification of your cDNA is needed before the BioMark run.

A heat map of the Cts is directly produced by the system:

Relevant publications

A list of relevant publications, can be found HERE.


To use the Biomark HD system, you need to be trained. Training is done with your own samples. Please contact us to arrange a schedule, and to obtain our up-to-date and annotated protocols.

Booking and costs

Booking the machines can be done through the BBS system.

You will get access once you have been trained.

The costs for the BioMark HD are indicated in our price list.