Data Analysis

Several data analysis software are available in our Core Facility and different options are offered to our users to analyze their data:

  • A FlowJo site license for researchers who would like to analyze their data on their personal computers.
  • A Kaluza Analysis floating license that allows a limited number of researchers to use that analysis software on their personal computers.
  • A CytoBank premium license.
  • Free-of-charge PC and MAC analysis workstations that include various data analysis software and which are located in room AI 0347.

Assistance and training for data analysis can be done upon request. Please contact us if you experience any issue with data analysis software.

A FlowJo site license is available at EPFL for users who wish to analyze data on their personal computers. To apply for a FlowJo site license, please fill in the FlowJo License Registration form to confirm that your manager agrees with the charging fees, and send it back to FCCF Staff. An email containing a web link will then be sent to you so that you will be able to register online. The Legacy and latest versions of FlowJo can be downloaded once registered.

Manuals, tutorials, webinars and other useful information can be found on the FlowJo website.

Our Kaluza Analysis floating license allows 20 of our users to use that data analysis software at  the same time on their personal computer, free of charge. Kaluza Analysis is a PC-only analysis  software. For more information about how to use and install that data analysis software, please  contact us.

Manuals, tutorials, webinars and other useful information can be found on the Kaluza website.

CytoBank is an online analysis platform offering advanced tools for high dimensional single-cell data analysis. It includes dimension-reduction and clustering algorithms.

Please contact FCCF staff if you are interested in using CytoBank for your high-parameter cytometric analyses.