Mass Cytometry, a hybrid technology between flow cytometry and mass spectrometry, is a powerful single-cell proteomics technology that allows for the simultaneous detection and measurement of 40+ features for every single cell analyzed. Mostly based on immunophenotyping, this technology is based on the use of antibodies coupled to purified isotopes from rare-earth metals. Because these isotopes have discrete and specific atomic masses and as the machine has a 1-Da resolution, mass cytometry overcomes the limitations of conventional flow cytometry caused by spectral overlap between fluorescent molecules.

Our mass cytometer is a CyTOF2 upgraded to the latest generation, called Helios.

Please check the Fluidigm website for further information about mass spectrometry.

The CyTOF is located in room AI 9126, in the basement of AI building.

Articles published in collaboration with the EPFL FCCF and using Mass Cytometry:


Mass Cytometry experiments and analyses are run as a service provided by the facility, in a collaborative way.

Research groups interested in using the mass cytometer must initiate discussion with Sènan D’Almeida and Miguel Garcia and must therefore send requests to the following email address:

[email protected]



A list of videos made by the EPFL FCCF, as well as useful articles, webinars and educational material can be requested by contacting the Mass Cytometry staff via [email protected].