AutoMACS Pro

The AutoMACS Pro from Miltenyi Biotec is a fully automated bench-top magnetic sorter that can be used to perform sterile bulk sorts. Designed for ultra high-speed positive selection as well as depletion, the AutoMACS Pro can isolate a wide range of cell types from several species. Several predefined separation programs can be selected from an intuitive touch screen menu. MACS cooling tube racks allow the maintenance of integrity of samples and eluated fractions. The AutoMACS Pro and associated reagents are compatible with flow cytometry.

This magnetic cell sorter is useful for pre-enrichment prior to cell sorting or analysis, especially when rare cells are of interest.

New users must follow a small training session, which is provided upon request by FCCF staff. The autoMACS is located in room AI 0346. Being fitted in a hood as well as being located in a BSL-2 environment, BSL-2 categorized samples can therefore be run on this magnetic cell sorter.

AutoMACS Pro User Guide

Please always filter your samples prior to running them on the AutoMACS Pro in order to avoid blocking the columns.

The cell concentration of your sample should not be higher than 1×108 in 1ml.  A higher concentration will result in less purity and may block the instrument.