LSRII and Fortessa

Our Becton Dickinson LSRII SORP and Snoopy, and LSR Fortessa are powerful multi-laser high-end analyzers that allow flexibility for complex multicolor experiments.

The LSRII Snoopy is a 4-laser and 16-detector instrument while the LSRII SORP and the LSR Fortessa are 5-laser and 18-detector analyzers. Their configurations are especially adapted to the use of new generation fluorochromes such as Brilliant Violet and Brilliant UltraViolet dyes.

Optical filters can be swapped on these instruments, which allows for more flexibility, and these cytometers can have their configurations changed in order to adapt to specific applications such as Calcium Flux measurements, or for G0/G1 cell cycle phase discrimination with a Pyronin Y / Hoechst staining.

A High Throughput Sampler (HTS) module is available in our facility and can be fitted on both LSRII Snoopy and SORP (but cannot fitted onto the LSR Fortessa). The HTS module provides fully automated and rapid sample acquisition from 96- or 384-well plates. Hands-on training on the HTS system is done upon request.

Only Polystyrene 12 x 75mm tubes can be used on the LSRII.

Only BSL-1 samples can be run on these instruments.