FACSAria Fusion

Our FACSAria Fusion is a 5-laser cell sorter that can measure at the same time up to 18 fluorescence parameters and 2 light scatter parameters. In addition to being placed in a hood, this instrument has an aerosol containment system. The FACSAria Fusion is located in access-restricted room AI 0137, which is a BSL-2 environment.

  • Cuvette-based system
  • Temperature regulation for sample and collection vessels (4°C, 37°C, RT, etc.)
  • Available nozzle sizes: 70um, 85um, 100um, 130um
  • Up to 4 populations can be sorted at the same time (only available for 5mL, 2mL or 1.5mL tubes)
  • Various collection vessels can be used:

    • 5mL, 2mL, 1.5mL tubes (4-way sort possible)
    • 15mL tubes (2-way sort)
    • 50mL tubes (1-way sort, custom-made)
    • slides
    • 384w, 96w, 48w, 24w,12w, 6w plates (1-way sort)
    • PCR tubes/strips/plates (1-way sort)
    • Custom-made and available upon specific requests: 4-way sort in 96w plates, 1-way sorts directly onto           Fluidigm C1 chips
  • Sort setup modes: Purity, Single Cell (cloning), Enrichment
  • BSL-2 samples can be sorted