As mentioned in our general conditions, the Health and Safety directives and rules in effect at EPFL and the specific procedures within the SV Faculty must be followed. We encourage our users to visit the “Safety at the School of Life Sciences” website and read the SV Safety Vademecum carefully.

Good Laboratory Practices must be followed, which implies that food are drinks are forbidden in the facility. It is also strictly forbidden to open doors with gloves.

Personal protective equipment is available at the facility, so please wear gloves and a protective lab coat.

Live BSL-2 samples can only be analyzed on the Accuri C6 and the Attune NxT. If another analyzer needs to be used, BSL-2 samples must be fixed with an appropriate fixative before being run on any instrument. Users who need to run unfixed BSL-2 biomaterial must contact FCCF Staff. Any individual who is found running such samples on another instrument than the Accuri C6 or the Attune NxT will have his/her FCCF privileges suspended.

Sorting human material, infected cells and more generally BSL-2 biomaterial requires special procedures for operation and decontamination of our cell sorters. Please make sure you informed FCCF Staff if you need to sort BSL-2 samples.

Users are responsible for the removal and disposal of sample tubes and biomaterial as described in the SV Faculty rules.

Biological samples, tubes, gloves, tips and any other labware or PPE that was in contact with biological or chemical material must be trashed in the bins with white and red liners.

All of the other material that is considered as not hazardous or ‘clean’ can be trashed in the bins with blue liners.

Please ensure that nothing hazardous is trashed in these ‘blue bins’ for the sake of the dedicated personnel’s safety.