Practical Training

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 9:30am to 12:00pm, FCCF Staff offers a free-of-charge practical training on a different analyzer. Please note that each practical session is limited to a maximum of three attendees, on a ‘first signed up, first served’ basis.

Practical training sessions are focused on how to properly operate an instrument and its related software so that you can make the most of the instrument’s capabilities, and to get accustomed to the policies and operating procedures of our facility.

Please check the Training Schedule below in order to sign up for the training on the right instrument. Once you have chosen a training session, contact us to be signed up or to ask whether there is still some places available for that training session.

Note that training on the AutoMACS or on the Tali is only given upon request. Please contact us to arrange a training session on one of these instruments. We remind you that cell sorters are FCCF Staff operated only.

Practical training sessions take place in our facility, in room AI0247. For our new users who haven’t yet been granted access to our facility, please meet us in front of the above-mentioned room.