Three high-speed cell sorters, a magnetic separator and a single-cell dispenser are available in our facility to allow our users to sort cells of interest and therefore work on pure populations, or to enrich / deplete for a specific cellular subset.

Our three high-speed cell sorters, the Beckman Coulter MoFlo Astrios EQ, the Becton Dickinson FACSAria II and the Becton Dickinson FACSAria Fusion, are exclusively operated by FCCF Staff. Our cell sorters are located in rooms AI 0137.

On the other hand, the Miltenyi AutoMACS Pro Separator, our magnetic separator, and the DispenCell from Seed Biosciences, are available to our users and training for that instrument is done upon request.

All the cell sorters and magnetic separator are enclosed in a hood and located in a BSL-2 environment.

Magnetic Cell Separator and Single-Cell Dispenser