Attune NxT

The ThermoFisher Attune NxT is a 4-laser and 14-detector instrument that uses acoustic-focusing, which decreases the variability in laser excitation as cells are perfectly lined up and cross the lasers at their focal point. Thanks to this features, CVs are improved, especially at very high speed. Acoustic focusing also makes this instrument faster than its counterparts as the flow rate can be dramatically increased without loss of resolution. The Attune NxT can also be used for cell counting as the fluidics are syringe-driven, making it reliable for volume measurements. Finally, this instrument is equipped with a fully automated plate reader.

The Attune NxT is in a BSL-2 hood and is located in room AI 0346, which is a BSL-2 environment. BSL-2 samples can therefore be run on the Attune NxT.