The DispenCell from Seed Biosciences is an automated and impedance-based device that dispenses single cells in microplate wells in a very controlled and gentle way. This technology has a few advantages over a classical cell sorter: it is much gentler and has the ability to tell where a single cell has been dispensed, and where a doublet or no cell has been pipetted, which speeds up downstream processes.

For more info about the technology behind the DispenCell, we encourage you to visit Seed Biosciences’ website.

The DispenCell can be booked for testing and usage at the facility via the Billing and Booking System. Please contact the facility staff in advance in order to arrange a demo or a training on this instrument.

Instrument usage is free of charge, but kits will be cross-charged to the users’ labs. One kit will allow to dispense cells in up to 4x 96-well plates, or up to 3x 384-well plates.