In the Flow Cytometry Core Facility, the Health and Safety directives and rules in effect at EPFL, and especially the specific procedures within the SV Faculty must be followed. We invite our users to have a look at the “Safety at the School of Life Sciences” website for more information. We also remind our users that general Health and Safety guidelines in effect at the SV Faculty can be found in the SV Safety Vademecum.

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) must be followed as well in our Core Facility, which implies that food and drinks are not allowed in the facility.

For all emergencies, call 115 or 021 693 3000.

We remind you that you must wear a Man Down device during the weekend, holidays, between 7pm and 7am and as a general rule whenever you are alone in the facility.

We strongly advise our users to go through the following sections and get acquainted with our policies.

Infringement of our rules will result in sanctions and users not complying with our policies could have their access rights to the facility and instruments revoked.

Data Management and Facility Acknowledgement