Booking and Cancellation Policies


Booking is mandatory and must be done through the online booking system in order to use any of our analyzers. Only trained users can book and use the instruments they have been trained on.

Users can only book one instrument at a time. Users booking two or more instruments at the same time will be punished.

Booking for another person is not permitted: the user in front of an instrument must be the one who booked that same instrument.

Please match instrument real usage with booking time. Real usage of our instruments is regularly cross-checked with online reservations by FCCF Staff: extra-time will be charged and users could be punished for using analyzers outside their booking time.

Excessive bookings will be punished and users could have their privileges suspended: if you need to book analyzers for unusually long periods of time, please inform FCCF Staff to justify such reservations.


Cancellation can be done up to 30 minutes in advance. Please contact other interested users to inform them about your cancellation.

If a user is the last person booked on any instrument but won’t be using the instrument for unexpected reasons (cells are dead, experiment failed, no tumor or embryo was present, etc.), he/she will still be responsible for turning the instrument off.


Booking a cell sorting session can only be done by FCCF Staff. Please send a request by email to [email protected] together with a completed Sort Booking Form. To make sure the desired slot or cell sorter is available, please first check the online booking system. Our cell sorters are the FACS Aria II, the FACS Aria Fusion and the MoFlo Astrios.

Sending a Sort Booking Form is mandatory for every cell sorting request. That form gathers all the necessary and useful information to help us defining sort duration, setting up our cell sorters and preparing a protocol with the right detectors and settings, therefore maximizing sorting time. That form also allows us to know more about your samples and the BioSafety Level they belong to.

Information mentioned within the Sort Booking Form must match the number of samples, number of cells per sample you will bring and the fluorochrome/fluorescent protein combination you will use for cell sorting to avoid wasting time and booking too short or too long sorts.

For cell sorting ‘first-timers’, a meeting will be organized with FCCF Staff in order to talk about experimental design and sample preparation. More information is available in the Getting Started section.


Appointments canceled less than 24 hours in advance will be charged for the full time. “No-shows” will also be charged for the entire reservation duration.


Upon specific request and on an exceptional basis, after-hours sorts can be performed from 5pm to 8pm. Such requests must be submitted at least 48 hours prior to sorting and must be justified. In addition to the regular Sort Booking Form, the After Hours Sort Request Form must be completed.