The Tali Image-based Cytometer is a 3-channel benchtop cytometer that uses image analysis to perform basic cellular assays and cell counting on cells in suspension.

The main applications and assays run on the Tali are:

  • Cell counting
  • Cell viability (using PI)
  • Detection of fluorescent proteins (GFP, mCitrin, Venus, dsRed, RFP, tdTomato, etc.)
  • Apoptosis assay (using PI and annexin V coupled to AlexaFluor 488)
  • Cell cycle analysis (using PI)

Application notes, dye compatibility table and videos of interest can be found on the dedicated ThermoFisher website.

Our Tali Image-based Cytometer is located in room AI 0346. Being located in a hood in a BSL-2 environment, “P2” biological samples can be run on this instrument.

The Tali can also be used to determine cell concentration and cell viability of your sample before or after cell sorting. The same way, GFP (or other fluorescent reporter) expression can be assessed through a quick run on this instrument in order to optimize cell sorting scheduling.

Training on the Tali is done upon request. Please contact us if you wish to be trained on this analyzer.

  • Sample concentration range: 1×105 to 1×107
  • Required sample volume: 25uL
  • Cell size range: 5um to 60um
  • Processing time: 10sec to 2min, depending on the number of fields pictured
  • Camera: 1.3 Megapixels, 4x objective, 4x or 16x digital zoom