Arias Base Z13

To be read first:

  • WARNING: TMAH-based chemistry is used on this bench !
  • Good working practice: When done, empty beakers in the dedicated waste bottles. Clean the work area of glass beakers, paper wipes, tweezers and make sure it is dry (no unidentified liquid).
  • Please immediately inform the CMi staff in case of problems with the equipment.


  1. This wet bench is free to use, with no booking and no login.
  2. Maximum 2 persons working at the same time.


  1. Introduction
  2. Equipement description
  3. Users manuals
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  5. Pictures gallery

I. Introduction

The Arias Base wet bench in Zone 13 is dedicated to wet processes involving photoresists with basic chemistry (developers) only.

The processes that are allowed on this bench are:

  1. i-line photoresist development on wafers and chips (AZ 400K, AZ 726 MIF)
  2. i-line photoresist development with non-standard developers, such as aluminum friendly AZ developer.
  3. Stripping of photoresists with aqueous/basic solutions, such as Technistrip P1316.

Any other processes involving base chemistry, but not listed above, should be discussed with the equipment responsible.

Although no dangerous chemicals are used on this bench and safety dressing is not required, we encourage users to read and understand the wet bench safety manual.

II. Equipment description


The Arias Base wet bench in Z13 is a free-to-use work area to perform base chemistry in beakers fo single wafers and chips. A maximum of two users should be working at the same time on the bench.

A free work area does not mean you should not follow good and safe working practices. Please respect other users!

Actual layout:

  • Right side: water tap & sinks for rinsing
  • Left side: developer waste sink & long term beaker storage

Developer bottles are stored in the cabinet on the right side of the bench. Please contact the staff if some chemicals ar missing/empty.

Good Working Practices:


Chemicals that are allowed on the Arias Base wet bench are:

  • AZ 726 MIF (2.6% TMAH)
  • MF CD-26 (2.6% TMAH)
  • AZ 400K (KOH-based)
  • AZ 351B (NaOH-based)
  • AZ developer
  • Technistrip P1316

Make sure to empty used chemicals in the developer (top-right of the bench)

III. User manuals

IV. Links

V. Pictures gallery