Despatch LCD1-16NV-3, biocompatible oven

Important oven informations

  • Only for biocompatible devices
  • Maximum temperature: 350°C
  • Carriers for 100mm and 150mm wafers
  • Piece parts allowed
  • Nitrogen circulation
  • High efficiency particulate air filter
  • possibility to monitor temperature
  • Location: Zone 11


Fully automatic furnace with extraction, i.e. possibility to create by-products, ideal to make polyimide full curing .

8 different programs can be created including many segments with and without N2 gas flow.

Booking is required to use the tool, login is mandatory to run the tool.


How to use it

  • Make your login in CAE
  • Switch on the oven
  • Open the chamber, place your biocompatible sample/wafer and close the door properly (green light on)
  • Select the program number (8 for full polyimide curing), if you need another process adress your demand to CMi staff
  • Press start
  • Collect your material at the end of the process, switch off the oven and logout