Furnace ATV SRO-702

Important furnace information

  • Not microelectronic, not biocompatible compatible
  • vacuumed chamber: less than 5 mbar
  • Temperature range: 50 to 450°C
  • Maximum heating rate: 200°C/min
  • Maximum cooling rate : 100°C/min
  • Chamber with gas extraction
  • process chamber size: 147mm x 217mm height 40mm
  • Location: Zone 10

I. Introduction

Fully automatic vacuumed furnace with extraction.

The furnace programation is very easy and intuitive. You can create programs with many segments with and without gas flow.

Booking is required to use the tool, login is not yet available.

II. How to operate the furnace

  • Turn ON the furnace electronic
  • Open the in and out water cooling on the back of the furnace
  • Switch on the pump if vacuum is required in the process
  • Open the chamber lid (make sure pressure is around 890-900mb)
  • Place your sample in the chamber (147mm x 217mm x height 40mm)

figure 1: samples loading

  • Close the chamber lid (automatic clamping),
  • If necessary, open the N2 flow meter 2 in front of the furnace. Flow can be adjusted during process.

Figure 2: gas and water valves

  • Open the furnace software called WinATVNT
  • Load an existing recipe or create a new one. You can select vacuum, gas flow (flow1: n/a, flow2: N2) or nothing for every segment (figure 3).
  • VERY IMPORTANT: for every recipe, a cooling step is mandatory as a last step. It should correspond to a 10min process without vacuum and temperature drop. Otherwise, there is a risk the chamber is not vented at the end of the process, and if you try to open the lid in these condition, you burst the lid motor fuse.

Figure 3: recipe example

  • Save the program
  • Send the program to the furnace memory slot (select a number between 0 and 9)
  • Start the program (choose the selected memory slot) and click yes

Before the program start the system, it asks you to acknowledge the process monitoring.

When the recipe starts, you can read all the relevant information on the furnace dispaly (segment number, time remaining, temperature and gas flow).

At the end of the process:

  • Make sure the run passed successfully
  • Before opening the chamber make sure the temperature is lower than 80°C and pressure is around 900mb
  • Unload the sample(s) carefully
  • Close the chamber carefully
  • Close gas and water valves if relevant
  • Switch off the pump if relevant
  • Switch off the furnace
  • Close the furnace software and switch off the monitor