Heraeus T6060, multipurpose oven

Important informations

  • Oven dedicated to polyimide fulle curing
  • Maximum temperature: 300°C
  • Carriers for 100mm and 150mm wafers
  • Piece parts allowed
  • Nitrogen circulation
  • Location: Zone 1

Starting informations

  • Only the login time using with N2 flow on (green light on) is charges
  • Logout is possible only if N2 is off (green light off)

I. Introduction

There are 3 different possible working modes:

  • Reguation mode (mode = 0): a temperature setting is defined with 2 tresholds (A1: high temp treshold and A2: low temp treshold).
  • Timing mode: oven can be switched ON after a certain time in mode tf0 (maximum waiting time 99h59min), or oven can remain ON during a certain time in mode tf1.
  • Program mode (mode = Pr1): a program is created with a maximum 9 slots.

The temperature setting can be higher than 300°C to avoid triggering the safety interlock.

Figure 1: tool panel display

II. Oven working modes

Oven switch ON

  • Autotest “88 8888” during 5s
  • Tp real temperature display on the right side
  • To know the setting temperature (SP) push: 


  • 0: oven is in temperature mode regulation
  • 1: oven is in program mode
  • 2: oven is in program with an external setting

3. Regulation mode

Every time you push this button , it displays the following informtions: temperature setpoint (SP), A1 and A2 alarm tresholds, and real temperature. If you keep pressing it, you can change the setting with digit up .

A1 and A2 tresholds are adjustable. When temperature is higher than A1 there is a white line close to A1, like showing here , same when temperature is lower than A2.

2. Timing mode

There are 2 different modes:

  • tf0: regulation is off during the time
  • tf1: regulation is active during the time.

3. Program mode

It is the most important mode we use for polyimide full curing or parylene crystallization (stabilization).

description parameters
n number of steps
r number of resume (= 0 makes the program only once, = 1 makes the program twice…)
P0 starting temp for step 1
E1 time to reach P1
P1 target temp at the end of step 1

Start the program:

  • when programator is ON, the left display show the Tp program temperature
  • when prog 0 is selected, you need the press simultaneously .

At the end of the program Tp symbole is shown and system is ready to start again.

III. Standard process in CMi

parameters value description
Pr 1 program 1
N 3 number of steps
R 0 run the program only once
T0 20°C starting temperature
T1 60min 1st step duration
P1 200°C target temp of the 1st step
T2 60min 2nd step duration
P2 200°C target temp of the 2nd step
T3 60min 3rd step duration
P3 300°C target temp of the 3rd step

Table 1: polyimide full curing process

IV. How to operate

  1. Zone 2 computer login on the Heraeus oven
  2. Turn the switch ON . Select the useful mode (0, 1 or 2). Check and modify the program if necessary. Load the wafers inside the oven and start the program.
  3. N2 flow starts only when oven temperature is higher than the manual setting
  4. At the end of the program, unload wafers, switch OFF the oven and logout with zone 2 computer.