Picture of the Month – Rules for Submission

  • One user can submit maximum of 3 pictures in any given month.
  • Pictures must be taken during the month of the contest (e.g., for January contest, pictures must be taken in January).
  • Only pictures submitted by the deadline for each month will be considered.
  • Every submitted picture must be accompanied by a short paragraph explaining “what is in the picture”. The name of the author and the laboratory must be clearly stated. The picture
    itself must contain a legible “scale bar”.
  • Pictures must be taken using the tools at CMi, or they must be of “stuff” fabricated at CMi, ideally both. The picture legend should clearly indicate, what was done at CMi. The goal of the contest is to feature the exciting research and development work being carried out in the CMi cleanrooms.
  • No employees of CMi and their family members are eligible for the financial prizes, but they are allowed to submit pictures.
  • Submission of the picture implies an agreement with immediate publication of the picture at the CMi website and possibly in other CMi promotional materials at a later date. Pictures
    that are considered proprietary or for which such consent cannot be given should not be submitted.
  • Users can only submit pictures they own and whose subject matter they own. To submit pictures taken by someone else or pictures displaying a content belonging to someone else, the submitting user would have to provide written explicit agreement by the owner of the copyright or IP, in order to be eligible.
  • Winning picture will be selected by the committee of CMi staff members in a “highly subjective manner” given the aesthetic and intellectual biases of the individual members of the CMi staff.
  • Images are to be submitted to: [email protected]