The equipment is mainly used for specific tests in exploratory phases concerning new materials with very low melting temperature.

For the introduction of new materials, please contact CMi staff.


  1. Introduction
  2. Equipment description
  3. How to use the system
  4. Restrictions & Precautions

I. Introduction

The Vacotec is an equipment allowing the deposition of metallic or dielectric layers on 100 mm wafer by evaporation.

This method involves evaporating a material placed either in a crucible heated up by an electron beam or a boat heated up by Joule effect.

II. Equipment description

Capability of the equipment

The substrate holder can receive 1 x 100 mm wafer.

The substrate holder turns on itself to improve the uniformity of the film deposited.

Evaporation systems

The Vacotec is equipped with 2 boats for Joule-Effect evaporation.

Film thickness measurement

The film thickness is determined by following the change in frequency of a quartz crystal. This change is due to the growing mass of material on top of its surface. Thanks to some calibrations, the variation can be related to the thickness of the film deposited.

  • 1 x Quartz scale for the evaporation by Joule effect.


The system is equipped with:

  • Primary dry pump: Pfeiffer Balzers PK D24 602 C.
  • Turbomolecular pumpAlcatel – Pascal 2010 SD.


The pressure in the system is measured by:

  • 1 x Gauge Full Range: Balzers – PKR 250

III. How to use the system

A check list is available next to the tool.

IV. Restrictions & Precautions

  • Allowed substrates are Silicon, Sapphire, Glass (Quartz, Pyrex, Float). For any other substrates please confirm with CMi staff.