Refund demand in case of equipment failure

General rules

  • After each process step, the user checks that he/she gets the expected result on the samples.
  • Before starting a new process step, the user takes all possible safeguards (e.g. checking results of previous step, consulting SPC results if available, testing the equipment with a test sample, etc.).
  • Despite the current precautions in place (preventive maintenance, SPC, calibrations and alignments, daily checks, trainings), the machine fabrication capability can be degraded suddenly (e.g. by an inappropriate usage).
  • Any user who detects a problem must immediately report it to the staff so that the equipment can rapidly be checked by the person in charge.
  • Any complaint about a running invoice, concerning or not a defective process or equipment, must be addressed to CMi within 24h (one business day).
  • CMi may refund the cost concerning a process step, and may eventually offer at no cost the machine time necessary to re-process the destroyed samples based on the detailed examination of the Process Flow.
  • Users are asked to regularly check their running month’s invoice, and to address to CMi any request for corrections before the billing at the end of the month.
  • Once the final invoice is issued, no request for refund can be treated and no modifications are possible.

What to do for refund demand

  1. The user immediately reports to CMi staff so the concerned equipment can be checked and preventively put to maintenance state.
  2. The user sends an email to the staff member in charge the same day with:
    • User login
    • Machine
    • Date
    • Time
    • Related process flow document mentioning the concerned process step
    • If possible, a picture of the sample
    • The requested adjustment of the invoice
  3. The user transmits the sample to the staff in charge for inspection.
  4. If applicable, the user checks the ongoing invoice that agreed refund is effective, before the billing at the end of the month.