Raith EBPG5000 – Ebeam tool

The ebeam lithography at CMi is performed with the EBPG5000ES system capable of writing smaller than 10nm features and placing structures on a substrate with an accuracy of less than 20nm.

System features:

  • 100keV thermal field emission gun,
  • Gaussian beam,
  • 50MHz pattern generator,
  • direct write mark detection & alignment software,
  • holders for 50mm, 100mm, 150mm wafers, 5inch masks and smaller piece parts.

The system is housed in a custom cleanroom which maintains a temperature of 21°C ± 0.1°C. Next to it is a dedicated resist processing lab. Data preparation, tool operation and processing are performed by users after a thorough (but rapid) training.

Stuff to know before you can start to use the tool.


  • Booking rules
  • Available training

Some basic ebeam lithography principles with relation to the EBPG5000 tool.


Available software packages particular to the EBGP5000 data preparation.


Following ebeam resists are authorized for use in EBPG5000 and are currently available to users at CMi. 


Here is a list of available manuals needed to successfully execute an exposure on EBPG5000.


This section provides additional tips and hints. Please, take a look, they may help you avoid common pitfalls and save you some time, money, pain and headache.