Sawatec LSM-200 & HP-401-Z

To be read first:

  • Cross-Contamination: Different polymers (SU-8 and polyimide) with non-compatible solvent chemistry are being coated on the Sawatec coater. Make sure to set-up the configuration correctly when booking and double-check the configuration before each working session.
  • Solvent chemistry: Do not breath unsafe NMP solvent vapor during polyimide processing.
  • Please immediately inform the CMi staff in case of problems with the equipment.


  1. Booking periods are restricted according to the configuration calendar.
  2. Reservation names must correspond to operators.


  1. Introduction
  2. Equipement description
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I. Introduction

The Sawatec manual coater line in Zone 1 is composed of a Sawatec LSM-200 coating unit and a HP-401-Z hotplate unit.

The coater is designed to handle wafers up to 8” or substrates up to 6” x 6” (150 x 150mm), using different chuck models which are easily interchangeable.

The hotplate is a multi-zone heating system (16 zones) offering high uniformity and process repeatability for softbake, PEB or hardbake steps. It can be loaded with up to five 4″ wafers that will be processed simultaneously.

In CMi, the Sawatec coater line in Zone 1 is dedicated to the coating and bake steps of:

  1. SU-8 photosensitive epoxy resist (from Gersteltec or Microchem)
  2. Polyimide (PI) polymers.

These two polymers uses non-compatible solvent chemistries. Because of this, two set of bowls are available: One for SU-8 based (GBL solvent) chemistry, and one for polyimide based (NMP) chemistry. Make sure to follow configuration restrictions when booking and using the tool (see below).

II. Equipment description

Technical characteristics:

Sawatec LSM-200 coater:

  • Manual loading and unloading of the substrates
  • Wafers up to 8” or substrates up to 6” x 6”
  • Substrate fixation via vacuum and safety interlock protection
  • Speed range: 1 to 6’000rpm +/-1rpm
  • Difference from set rotation speed to actual value <+/-1%
  • Speed acceleration: 0 – 6’000rpm in 0,6 sec
  • Rotational direction can be selected (CW, CCW)
  • Top glass cover to prevent splashing and enhance coating uniformity
  • Up to 50 recipes with 24 segments each can be programmed

Sawatec HP-401-Z:

  • Manual loading and unloading of the substrates
  • Substrate fixation via vacuum
  • Hotplate with multi-zone heating (16 zones), with safety glass, for easy cleaning
  • Temperature range: ambient temperature up to 300°C
  • Temperature accuracy: +/- 0.5°C at 100°C
  • Electrical driven proximity and loading pins (stroke 8mm)
  • Optional N2 flushing
  • Up to 50 recipes with 24 segments each can be programmed


When booking the Sawatec LSM-200 equipment, users should clearly select the SU-8 or PI configuration so that the photolithography staff can organize the calendar and switch the bowl sets when necessary. This is done by:

  1. Set up your configuration: SU8, Polyimide, SU8 150mm+
  2. Click on “Reservation and config. request”
  3. Given the status:
    • Available can be clicked directly to book.
    • Impossible cannot be clicked (the other configuration is planned).
    • can be checked and then users can click on “Submit the config. request” to request the configuration.

Before working on the equipment, the polyimide configuration will be indicated with a label. For the Su8 configuration, no labels are there.

Label for PI configuration


The documentation for the SU-8 and PI process are found here:

III. User manuals

IV. Links

V. Pictures gallery