Neytech Qex Furnace

Important oven informations

  • Only for material annealing
  • NO gas extraction: no process with by-products generation
  • Maximum temperature: 1200°C
  • Possibility to load one 100mm wafer
  • Piece parts allowed
  • Nitrogen or Ar gas flow
  • Vacuum possible
  • Location: Zone 11


Fully automatic furnace without extraction, i.e. no possibility to create by-products, ideal for materual annealing .

6 different programs can be created including many segments with and without gas flow or vacuum.

Booking is required to use the tool, login is mandatory to run the tool.

How to use it

  • Make your login in CAE
  • Switch on the oven
  • Open the chamber, place your samples/wafer, close the door carefully especcially when loading wafers because there is exactly the necessary room, not more!

Figure 1: lid open ready for loading

  • Select a program, check, modify and /or adjust parameters. It is not possible to pump and use gas flow together. Any program can be modified

Figure 2: oven control panel

  • Press start
  • fill the logbook (process parameters and processed material)
  • The process can be aborted at any stage. Do not open the furnace lid for temperature higher than 100°C.
  • At the end of the process, collect your material.
  • Switch off the oven and logout