Terra universal cabinet

Terra universal cabinet is located in the processing room of zone 7 of the cleanroom. It is dedicated to EBEAM lithography ONLY !!! Please, do not bring in or store anything else in there. Each shelf is dedicated to a particular process, please do not move things around. You are welcome to take out glassware and beakers according to your processing needs, please do not put anything back into the cabinet. Only CMi staff puts things into the cabinet.

The cabinet is kept under a constant flow of dry nitrogen to keep the glassware and beakers ready for ebeam resist processing. The cabinet is however not usable for long term storage of water sensitive materials, because it gets open frequently and every day a freshly wet glassware from the dishwasher is being entered there to dry, thus causing the humidity levels inside of the cabinet to fluctuate during the day. If you need a safe nitrogen storage space for your sensitive samples, please, talk to CMi staff, there are cabinets dedicated to this elsewhere in the cleanroom.