Picture of the Month – Winners 2023

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2023, December

VO2 bacteria
Anna Varini, Nanolab

Something is about to happen inside. Are we looking at the chromosome creation inside single cell? Sounds exciting, but no, this is just a beautiful defect on nano crystalline thin film of VO2 that looks like a single cell bacteria floating in the sea of algae.

2023, November

Crazy lithium niobate vinyl record
Rui Ning Wang, Luxtelligence

Don’t you sometimes wish for some music when working in the cleanroom? Well, I have just the right solution for you: Presenting the lithium niobate micro vinyl records! On this one, the music was so wild that the tracks fell off.

2023, October

Crystal chrysanthemum
Zihan Li, LPQM

“There is no rain cover when the lotus is gone, and there are still proud frost branches of the chrysanthemums.” – Su Shi (1037-1101). Lithium niobate chips were immersed in salts. The reaction between salts congealed crystalline chrysanthemum on the surface.

2023, September

A Photoresist Eye
Saba Gholizadeh, NEMS

I am currently fabricating cap wafers to be bonded to SMR (suspended microchannel resonators) wafers, so I was doing the SiO2 etching with SPTS APS in Zone 2 and afterwards I realized there were bubbles of resist (AZ 10XT 60) from the previous step (resist hardening) on the edges of my patterns and when checking under the optical microscope I found this.

2023, August

Carving microcrater in a spark
Dorian Herle, Daniel Moreno, NEMS

In a microcosmic spectacle, an over-voltage surge on aSi HF vapor-released MEMS membranes sparks a dielectric tempest. Swirling hues of reds, oranges, and purples radiate outward, culminating in a fiery microcrater amidst its terrain.

2023, July

An earthquake in CMi
Yara Abdelaal, NEMS

It was reported that tremor has caused the collapse of the facility’s well-known flooring. The presence of reinforcing silicon pillars did not prevent the destruction of our suspended silicon nitride membrane during a wet etching step. With the help of the Zeiss SEM Crossbeam we were still at least able to capture the beauty in the ruins.

2023, June

Damien Maillard, NEMS

One of the world’s best kept secrets is what the CMi kitchen will offer in the next research day… Using the newly acquired Zeiss SEM Crossbeam, we have been able to shed some light on this mystery, and it seems that nanoscale strawberry cupcakes will be on the menu next year! This picture was taken at 100 kX magnification and shows Aluminum nitride clusters partially attacked after KOH wet etch.

2023, May

Micro bee house
Jongeon Park, LMIS1

Micro-size honeycomb structure for the tiny bees. Thermal imprinting of tri-glycerides using PVA mold. Sputtered with 2nm gold. The image was taken by SEM Merlin.

2023, April

Micro evil eyes
Amirali Arabmoheghi, LPQM1

The ritual began by digging holes in silicon substrate. Silicon nitride was then deposited and we planarized meticulously. With a splash of HF the remaining layer of Silicon nitride was removed. We put forward the specimen before the wise wizard, Merlin. It was then when he opened our eyes to the micro evil eyes.

2023, March

VO2 3D puzzle of dark side of the Moon
Anna Varini, Nanolab

Different defects can be found on VO2 film grown with PLD. In this picture you can see one of them – a moonlike perfectly round defect that reminds me of a 3D puzzle.

2023, February

Ultra-sharp pencil
Stefano Marinoni, LMSC

This micro-pencil was obtained by a two-step grayscale lithography process, where a 3D-patterned resist is conformally transferred into a silicon hardmask and then amplified into a GaN substrate by reactive ion etching. The image was take at the SEM Zeiss Leo.

2023, January

Cells fighting for space
Roberto Russo, LMIS1

As they grow these cells are bumping on each other fighting to occupy the larger possible space. Which one will survive the fight? Overexposed IBE etched gold-coated superconducting YBaCuO sample.