Süss ACS200 GEN3



  1. Booking: maximum 24 time slots (30 minutes) allowed at any time.
  2. Reservation names must correspond to operators.
  3. Billing : Wafer process flow  start/stop
  4. In case of parallel process flow, all flows must be ended to log out from equipment
  5. This equipment is subject to penalty fees in case of user’s no-show.


  1. Introduction
  2. Wafer Process Flow Library
  3. Users manuals
  4. Links
  5. Pictures gallery

I. Introduction

ACS200 Gen3 is a modular cluster tool equipped with 2 loading/unloading cassettes, one wafer centering station, two coater bowls, one developer bowl and a two stacks of hotplates. The individual processing stations are fed by a central robot. The ACS200 cluster at EPFL can process standard SEMI-wafers of 100mm and 150mm. Silicon or transparent substrates. The machine is available for positive UV photoresist and DUV resist (stepper). Sequence consists in specific chain of recipes in individual modules for HMDS priming, coating or development, softbake, PEB (post exposure bake), hardbake and development. Starting a sequence run a wafer process flow for auto detected or specified wafers from one cassette. Multi-process flow running are managed by the software with maximum priority to first process critical delay and second maximal throughput.

II. Process flow library

Sequences are stored in a single database library. 10 sections of 1000 sequences of recipes are organized as follow:

  • 0000 to 999:  4 inch wafers – UV resist
  • 1000 to 1999:  6 inch wafers – UV resist (configuration request)
  • 8000 to 8999: Preventive maintenance and developement
  • 9000 to 9999:  User custom sequences

Sequence are a serial chain of dedicated stations recipes which forms a wafer process flow.

Specific Modules

III. User manuals

Step-by-step operation

IV. Links

V. Pictures gallery