Materials introduction in CMi cleanrooms

Bringing material into cleanrooms

Strict rules apply to the material that can be brought into the clean room from the outside. Basically nothing should be brought into the clean room. Paper, books, and pens from the outside are not allowed. Normal paper releases fibers, and graphite pens are a terrible source of carbon particles. Inside the clean room special lintfree paper is used. This paper, as well as felt pens, can be found on the tables near the entrance to each zone. A copy machine in the entrance room serves to make copies from normal paper onto clean room paper.

As general rule, no material is supposed to be transferred through dressing rooms. If material must be brought into the clean room from the outside, such as a wafer box, it needs to be done through the material air-lock.  The material has to be decontaminated (See the detailed procedure) and place in the cabinets used for material transfers In/Out (if any). Then, the user enters the clean room by the user entrance, puts on the clean room suit, and can pick up the material from the service area.


For the introduction of any other kind of material and more details, please contact [email protected].

Chemicals Introduction

The introduction of chemicals in CMi without authorization is strictly forbidden. 

Before introducing and using of a new chemical (not already in the standard CMi products list) in CMi cleanrooms, the procedure detailed here below must be fully completed:

  1. CMi staff is provided by the user with the following documentation:
    1. Safety Data Sheet (SDS). English version is required. Usually, this is accessible from suppliers’ website.
    2. Standard Operation Procedure (SOP). SDS is required to complete important points of the SOP.
    3. Any additional information if needed.
  2. Documentation is reviewed by a CMi committee to:
    1. Make a decision on the storage location and on the disposal procedure.
    2. Check equipment needed to ensure safe use of the product.
    3. Ask for modification/additional information if needed.
  3. Upon approval from committee:
    1. SDS and SOP are posted on CMi website.
    2. The product is introduced in CMi by CMi staff together with the user.
    3. The product is labeled with date of introduction, username and name of the lab.
    4. The product is stored at the location specified by CMi staff and mentioned in the SOP.

Use of digital notepads in the cleanroom – pilot study

All notepads must be registered with and approved by the CMi (contact CMi secretariat). IMEI number will be registered in the CMi database and may be published on the CMi website in the restricted area. All unregistered digital notepads found in the cleanroom will be removed by the CMi staff.

Rules are:

  • The digital notepads are dedicated to the CMi cleanroom only and must remain in the CMi cleanroom at all times – they are not to be transferred back and forth between the cleanroom and the outside world.
  • The digital notepads will be stored in the 30L standard storage box belonging to a member of the group. Storage is sole responsibility of the group. CMi will not provide any additional measure of security for this and cannot be held liable in case of damage or loss.
  • All digital notepads must be clearly labeled with the name of the group, contact information, and a clear sign: “DO NOT REMOVE FROM THE CLEANROOM”
  • No digital notepads are allowed in the ebeam zone (Zone 07) of the cleanroom at any time.
  • All digital notepads can only be charged at a dedicated charging station. The charging station is maintained by the CMi facilities team. No other private chargers are allowed in the cleanroom.
  • The digital notepads cannot be used as phones in the working spaces or hallways of the CMi cleanroom. They can only be used for phone calls in the changing room areas of the cleanroom, just like all other cell phones.
  • Notepads are not allowed to be connected with cables to CMi computers for downloading/uploading files. No USB sticks are allowed to be plugged into CMi computers.
  • Notepads are not allowed to be used as wireless sharepoint.

This is a pilot study, the responsible use of the devices will be monitored daily by the CMi staff, and the privilege (or the study) can be suspended at any time at discretion of the CMi.