Ebeam – Control Computer

The ebeam control computer is located in zone 7 of the cleanroom. To work on it directly, you must first log-in using the login computer located in the same zone. Without login, the ebeam computer screens are switched off. Please, be aware that it is not possible to log-in nor log-out while an exposure job is in progress.


There are 5 different workspaces shown at the bottom of the main screen: Exposure, Job Preparation, PLC- Load/Unload, File transfer, Admin. An explanation of the different workspace functions is given below. While it is possible to open various pieces of software and windows in any workspaces, please try to stick to the convention proposed below. There is typically one new user trained every week, and new users do appreciate when they find windows opened in the same location where they happened to be during the training. Just be nice and fight those dark impulses to customize everything just because it is possible.

Exposure – This is where you should run your job. When you launch a job in Linux the process (your job) runs inside the window. This means that if you close the window after you’ve started your job the job will stop. That can hang the machine and this situation will then need to be recovered. Please, do not close window with running job while this job is running. NOTE: Please do not run jobs in other windows or workspaces. You should only run jobs in the Exposure workspace so that it’s easy for others to find where the active exposure is running. After your job is finished please close all your active terminal windows (the ones that you opened) before you log-off the machine.

On the right side there should be a CSEM application window which provides you with a real time simulation of beam movement during the exposure. It is possible to run your job without CSEM being open, but you would not be able to observe the progress in real time. Should the CSEM window not be there, please, look for it first in all other workspaces, and only after you have convinced yourself, that it is not running anywhere else, start it up yourself. To do that, open a new terminal window and simply type: csem.

Job Preparation – This is a space that can be used to prepare your CJOB files, edit the batch_job file and view your design with CVIEW etc…

PLC- Load/Unload – This is where you vent and pump the airlock and give the command to load and unload your sample from the main chamber. See Loading and Unloading. Should the CSYS application window be missing from the screen, look for it first in all other workspaces, and only after you convince yourself that it is not opened anywhere else, start it up by opening a new terminal window and typing: csys -l.

File Transfer – This is the area that you can use to transfer files. One window is for example the file directory for the ebeam computer and the other one is the file directory for the CATS computer. You can use them to transfer your .gpf file from the CATS computer to the patterns directory in your environment in case you have forgotten to do that during your dataprep session on the CATS computer.

Admin – This workspace is reserved for CMi staff to run monitoring scripts etc. Please, do not open and especially do not close any windows here.

User Environment

Right click the mouse on the desktop and select Open Terminal. Move into your environment using the ce command. NOTE: it is very important to move to your environment with the ce and not the cd command.

Use the ls command to list the directory. You’ll see you have 7 directories. You will most often use the jobs and patterns directory as this is where you use CJOB to create the layout of your exposures on your substrate (jobs directory) or calc_spot script to estimate the pattern writing time (patterns directory).