Alliance-Concept CT200


  1. Introduction
  2. Equipment description
  3. How to use the system

I. Introduction

The CT200 is a cluster tool which allows the deposition of metallic or dielectric materials on wafers by RF, DC or pulsed DC sputtering.

The tool is equipped with 5 chambers (Process modules – PM) and a loadlock, all connected to a transfer module. A robot is in charge of transfers between modules.

The configuration of the system is:

  • Module n°2 – Oxides & Nitrides (3 x cathodes Ø 100 mm confocal, RF/DC-pulsed)
  • Module n°3 – UHV Ferromagnetic metals & Metals (4 x cathodes Ø 100mm confocal, RF/DC-pulsed + HiPIMS)
  • Module n°4 – Dielectrics (1 x cathode Ø 250mm, planar, RF-Sputtering)
  • Module n°5 – UHV Semiconductors & Metals (4 x cathodes Ø 100mm confocal, RF/DC-pulsed + HiPIMS)
  • Module n°6 – Nitrides (3 x cathodes Ø 100 mm confocal, RF/DC-pulsed)

A shuttle is used to transport samples. Possible samples sizes are:

  • Chips : A 100 mm carrier (i.e dummy wafer) is required.
  • Wafers:
    • 100 mm : As standard.
    • 150 mm.
    • 200 mm (At room temperature only).

For more details, see Available PVD targets in CMi page. 

Subject to changes: CT200 targets locations

II. Equipment description


In the loadlock, a magazine with 8 x shuttles can be found. Sequences of deposition (defined by a recipe) can be set individually to each slot.

Transfer module

A robot located in the transfer module is in charge of transfers in the different modules. The tool is able to process in parallel samples depending on the availability of modules. 

Substrate holder

Substrate holders (Modules n°2, 3, 4 & 6) heating up to 950° max. 950°C (= ~700°C on Si wafer).

Substrate holder polarization (RF Bias) possible for activation / cleaning / densification in all modules.


Pumping in the system is achieved by:

  • Primary pumps:
    • ACP40
    • ACP28
  • Turbo pumps or cryogenic pumps:
    • ATH1603M
    • CTI ON – Board 8


The control of the pressure in modules is achieved by throttle valves [0-100%].


  • Inficon BCG450
  • Inficon CDG045D


Different gases are available:

  • Ar (All PM)
  • N (PM2, PM4, PM6)
  • O (PM2, PM4)
  • Xe (PM3)
  • H2 5% forming gas (PM5)

Sources & Magnetron

RF, DC / Pulsed DC and HiPIMS generators are :

  • DC / Pulsed DC generator: ADVANCED ENERGY – Solvix
  • RF generator: COMET – cito Plus
  • HiPIMS (PM3 & PM5 only) : IONAUTICS

III. How to use the system

Please refer to the following instructions to operate the tool :